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Listen to the concert before the concert

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Reinventing the Concert Experience

Discover! Listen! Go!

At FFWD, we believe that music should be about more than just listening to the artists you already know. It's about discovering new songs and artists, connecting with new fans and making new friends.


With FFWD, you can discover concerts and broadway musicals by searching for your favorite artists or shows—then listen to their setlists before the concert even starts! You can also connect your Apple Music or Spotify account so you never miss a beat.


We can't wait to see what you'll find!



Enjoy millions of concerts and broadway musicals anytime, anywhere. Listen for free to the concert setlist or the full broadway musical before the event.


Do you want to find the hottest concert? Or maybe see what concerts are playing tonight? Find millions of concerts in town and around the world. Discover new music with the hottest concerts. Browse upcoming concerts for any city. Find the music that moves you!


Check out the upcoming concert setlist for your artists or bands in town. See which of your favorite songs are being played at your favorite artist and bands next concert.


Listen to the music from your favorite bands or broadway music. Listen for free! Connect with Apple Music or Spotify to play the concert set list or Broadway musical. Prepare to bang your head playing music from your favorite band and artist or just sit back and listen to a Broadway musical.

Listen to the Setlist

The best way to experience a concert is to listen to the band's setlist before you go. Get excited for that new music, and know what songs you want to hear most.


Discover new music and get familiar with the band's sound before they even take the stage!

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that the concert starts before the concert

After spending years working in the concert ticketing and music industry, we realized that the concert ticket buying experience was out of date and didn't foster discovering new music.  Our goal is to bring joy to the fans before event. Whether it is discovering new artists or re-listening to music from your favorite artists, the experience starts before the concert.

Listen to the concert before the concert!

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